The cloud-based IT environment for SMB. Your private server in the cloud!

Specially developed for SMBs with 2 to 100 users, a "virtual" working computer containing all your company's software and business data saved in an entirely private cloud IT environment can be easily installed and made available to your employees and collaborators.

Your complete company IT accessible anywhere, anytime.

An excellent solution to facilitate remote teleworking, use of thin clients and simplify the local management of your IT park or multisite businesses.

A SIMPLE, SAFE and ECONOMIC solution for your business!

100% Private Cloud

Work directly on YOUR hyper-efficient hosted server and discover a world of independence to local equipment.

By connecting from any computing device, anywhere in the world, you benefit from the extraordinary performance of your private hosted server, regardless of the device you are connecting with. The software and business data are installed on the server and you work in an known "MS Windows" environment.

You will not have to invest and maintain local servers (and related equipment). All you need is an Internet connection to work on your cloud! FORMATIQUE takes care of everything so that you are always at the forefront of innovation and new technologies.



Concerns over security in the cloud fade as businesses (particularly start ups) realize that their data is safer in the cloud than on their premises. - From ROE document
The highest safety standards are guaranteed. Large company security levels are now accessible for local SMBs. Whether at the cloud infrastructure level or the facilities that support it, we provide you with piece of mind.
Operational Safety
When working directly on YOUR cloud server, no data is written to the hard drives of the devices that access them. Thus, even an intrusion or the lost or theft of a laptop can compromise your corporate data.
Logical security and authentification
The highest security standards are maintained to control access:
  • Powerful firewalls;
  • Internationally recognized network equipment, anti-x and anti-intrusion software;
  • Secure VPN IPsec-encrypted connection for main working desk;
  • Segmentation and hermetic isolation of the environment of each customer by dedicated VLAN.
Several other approaches are used to secure the access by user:
  • Configuration directory by access groups, application and service;
  • Definition of rights and privileges for each user;
  • Restriction of employee access to data according to internal access security level structures (GPO);
  • Strict management of employee information and change requests according to best practices.
Many other security policies and procedures have been implemented, in particular:
  • Change control;
  • Verification of employee judicial history;
  • Confidentiality agreements.
Strict procedures for change requests management are implemented according to best industry practices.


To ensure high availability and continuity of your cloud IT environment, the applications and services are deployed from multiple private physical servers configured and managed on very high capacity equipment using SAS drives and SSDs in RAID configuration. This gives you access to several terabytes of available space at any time, powered by high performance servers using processors with multiple cores and as much RAM as required. An Internet connections of 500 Mbps download and upload is guaranteed at all times.
So your cloud desktops are much more efficient and powerful than the devices connected to it. Whatever the device, the measure of high performance remains the same. Rejuvenate your IT infrastructure without changing the equipment.


Compatible with all types of computing devices (PC, Mac, Linux, tablet, smartphone, etc.), it only takes one click to access your business from anywhere, at anytime. The only requirement is an Internet access, with a download and upload connection speed of 50kbps to be efficient.
You are entering the era of BYOD (Bring your Own Device), where you can give access to data and business software to new users in no time.
A thin client is the preferred tool for non-mobile fixed workstations. You therefore save on the maintenance of your local computer park with no need of antiviruses, updates or local security.


Formatique has developed an almost real-time backup solution for your entire IT environment. If a problem should arise, your daily activities would then be able to resume rapidly. For example, if you encounter a problem with your hardware, we can import your entire IT environment on a new device so that you can get back to work quickly. We can also retrieve lost or deleted files in no time.
By default, the backups and data retention are done hourly for 24 hours, daily for 7 days, weekly for 4 weeks, monthly for 6 months and yearly for 5 years. In addition, custom snapshots are available on request.


All our clients' servers are monitored in real time. If you should encounter a performance problem, we are notified before you even notice it. This allows us to be proactive and to ensure that the performance of your cloud IT environment is optimal at all times. The system management services include hardware performance, security, updates, backups and continuity; all under the supervision of highly qualified specialists.
Technical support

Technical support

Our expert team is recognized for the speed and quality of its interventions. In 95% of cases, these interventions are done by remote access, over the Internet, keeping the presence of a technician on site at a minimum. You will not see technicians on site, unless you really want to see us!
In french, our motto is: L'informatique sympathique, c'est FORMATIQUE!

The physical hosted servers are all located here in Quebec, just as our technical support team, who offers you bilingual services 24/7.

Save money with our profitable solution

Our turnkey solution is not only synonymous with profitability and increased productivity for SMBs, its implementation is facilitated by our ten step migration process.

Ten step migration process

  1. 1Meeting for assessment and feasibility
  2. 2Discovery and analysis (software, licenses, etc.)
  3. 3Planning and schedule
  4. 4Test environment Delivery
  5. 5Environment preparation
  6. 6Local environment configuration (computers, printers)
  7. 7Final migration
  8. 8"Go live" and training
  9. 9Post-migration adjustments
  10. 10Celebration !

Business packages

ALL INCLUSIVE packages: The private cloud infrastructure management, complete maintenance plan (real-time info-monitoring, update and backup management and Windows security). Certain conditions apply. Other configurations with very high capacity are available on request.

Shared cloud

$449 per month*

  • Shared physical server
  • Private virtual server
  • Normal use
  • Up to 5 simultaneous users
  • Shared high performance Xeon processor
  • 18 Gb RAM DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz
  • 1 SSD 100Gb | 1 HHD 500Gb
  • LSI Hardware RAID
  • 500 Mbps shared Internet port
  • Unlimited Upload/Download
  • 100Gb VM Backup
  • Windows 2012R2 Licence
  • Service on request
Private Cloud PRO

$749 per month*

  • Private physical server
  • Private virtual server(s)
  • Intensive use
  • Up to 35 simultaneous users
  • Dedicated ultra high performance Xeon processor
  • 128 Gb RAM DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz
  • 2 x 300Gb SSD | 2 x 2Tb HDD
  • LSI Hardware RAID
  • 1000 Mbps private Internet port
  • Unlimited Upload/Download
  • 400Gb VM Backup
  • Windows 2012R2 Licence
  • 1 hour online technical support included

Ready? Get a quote.

Your business acquires a known MS Windows environment for an unlimited number of users and your software and data in the cloud.

Because of our efficient working methods and a stable and completely controlled environment, the number of IT support calls decrease significantly.

You'll only need a minimum of local equipment (computers, routers, switches) that only serves to connect to your cloud-based IT environment. You'll be done with updates, viruses, backups. We take care of everything!

  • Dell
  • Ingram Micro
  • Microsoft
  • vm ware
  • Linux
  • Google Apps
  • Google Apps
  • Google Apps
  • Office 365

Your IT department

FORMATIQUE is a unique and friendly stop for IT implementation, maintenance and servicing of your SMB.

Founded in 2009, we have helped more than 350 clients and resolved thousands of computer problems. The FORMATIQUE LAB is based on the North Shore and we service Montreal and its surroundings.

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